For centuries, the Illuminati has ensured the survival of humanity, operating anonymously to adapt to societal changes. In 2013, we created the Department Of Citizen Outreach to strengthen our relationship with the public through campaigns and initiatives, including this website. Our work is marked by distinct symbols throughout history, and we have contributed to every major movement since the first human government. With our gentle guidance, humanity functions like gears in a machine for the betterment of the world.


Discover the power and significance behind the enigmatic symbols of the Illuminati, scattered across the globe on currency, architecture, artwork, and media. For centuries, the meanings and purpose of these symbols have remained shrouded in mystery, causing confusion among the masses. But now, the Illuminati offers a rare glimpse into their true interpretations and the secrets they hold. Unveil the mystery and gain insight into the true significance of our symbols on this section of our public website.


World leaders possess vast wealth networks, which removes the threat of bribery and aids in effectively managing the planet. The Illuminati’s financial foundation is built on liquid assets and diverse holdings across the world, and the societal shift to digital banking has made unlimited funding available with a keyboard. True effort results in true wealth, and the Illuminati assists willing members to success for the betterment of humanity.

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Symbols have always played a critical role in the history of humanity, guiding individuals towards enlightenment and offering a sense of identity and belonging. The Illuminati’s symbols are no exception. They have been carefully crafted and chosen to represent the values and beliefs of our organization.

For centuries, our symbols have been deliberately placed in strategic locations around the world, serving as a subtle reminder of our existence and influence. Whether it’s the pyramid with the all-seeing eye or the eternal circle, each symbol holds a unique meaning that embodies the Illuminati’s mission of elevating the human species to its highest potential.

Despite the prevalence of our symbols, many have misconstrued their purpose and significance. Some have even gone so far as to associate them with sinister plots and secret societies. However, we assure you that our symbols are not meant to instill fear or promote any sort of agenda. Rather, they are intended to inspire and guide those who seek to align themselves with the Illuminati’s mission.

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